KARACS_borit_B_05_copyWelcome to my web site; please let me introduce myself in a few words. My name is Attila Karacs, and I started with combat sports at the age of ten. I began my career with kempo, and after a year I got the taste for competing in amateur boxing. I had my first “semi-pro” match at age 14, and then I realized: that is my world. So I have been doing K-1 fights exclusively since I turned 15.






Among pros

I started my professional career when I was 16 at the, in those years lesser-known Free Fighting and Street Fighter events. At the age of 17 I was invited to the German K-1 Grand Prix, the second K-1 competition organized in Europe (before that, one could come across it solely in Japan, the original homeland of the rules) where I reached the 3rd place among 12 competitors. After a few months I had the opportunity to compete against Remy Bonjasky, who later became a K-1 world champion.

Due to some difficulties in sports diplomacy, the next time I could appear on the international scene was in 2003, at the European final promoted by the organization Kings of the Ring, where I got invited to replace a competitor struggling with visa problems. I won the tournament, and managed to arouse the interest of the European organizers again. Kings of the Ring organized the world championship final too, where my participation was already assured by being the European winner. The achieved 3rd place meant a step moving up international rankings.


Mike Bernardo, one of the biggest K-1 fighters in the 90’s invited me to South Africa to help with his training. That was the first time that I could have a glance into the preparation of a real K-1 big shot. The contract made with his manager there did not fulfill its promise, so I decided to make my luck in Hungary.

I won the K-1 Hungarian Grand Prix in 2005, and the European League, which was organized in Hungary for the first time in 2006, which qualified me as the first Hungarian to compete in the finals in Amsterdam, in the K-1 World GP field. Many things happened since then, view my full match statistics here.

In the spring of 2009, I made my debut at the organization Its Showtime featuring elite K-1 fighters. There I found what I had been looking for: the opportunity to fight against the world’s best.

Outside the ring

Besides competing, I have been active as a trainer, you can read more here. Now I am 27, happily married and a father of two children. I spend my free time relaxing and indulging in my hobbies like tracking, taking photographs and so on…

Surf my site and if you have any questions, please send an e-mail or let me know in the guest book. Of course, you are very welcome to our training room too.


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